A decision-support solution that meets the needs of 3 business lines by reducing internal analysis time and customer response times

Selection Process
Application for funding / loans

Open Banking
& Account manager

Benefits of the solution

Increased attractiveness to company creators through value-added content

Pre-qualification of the best applications (demands for financing)

Selection Process
Review of applications

Account manager
& Credit Experts

Benefits of the solution

Enrichment of the analyses proposed to prospects and existing customers

Saves time in the preparation and drafting of files with adapted tools

Selection Process
Evaluation and selection

Risk analysts

Benefits of the solution

Decision support through access to analyses adapted to the decision criteria

Automatic transfer of account managers’ files to the risk department

our concrete use cases

Accounting, CPA & Related Activities

An analysis tool to broaden the services offered to managers and entrepreneurs as well as to enrich internal data.

For Entrepreneurs

Prepare commercial meetings

Help identifying the right location

Study the size of local markets

Confirm the assumptions of a business plan

Value business assets in the event of a takeover

Refine the offer / positioning: target, price levels, opening hours…

Prepare an application for funding

For managers

Prepare an annual interview and highlighting the financial accounts

Accompany external growth projects

Prepare a local market study for a Franchise Network

Value a business (acquisition, merger, takeover, transfer)

Advise on how to differentiate from local competition, identify improvement levers: create a pro-active exchange

our concrete use cases


We have not totally lost our consulting habits and offer ad hoc analyses to respond to your specific use cases.

Secure billing information

Statutory data on institutions and legal proceedings

Head office and establishments

Names, addresses and VAT number

Identification of liquidation procedures

Names of managers

Change History

Identify and locate potential customers

Statutory information concerning more than 11,000,000 establishments in France

Statutory, commercial name

Name of headquarters, establishments

Address (geo-localized)

Activity sector

Date of creation, legal form

Number of employees

Market sizing, zoning

Annual accounts for around 25% of companies (1.5M financial accounts) and sales, creation of businesses

Turnover and amount of purchase (direct, indirect)

Balance sheet information: level of debt, available cash

Ratios allowing robust extrapolations (sales, headcount), etc.

our concrete use cases


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